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1. When a wire is broken by bending it back and forth rapidly, some of the work is transformed into heat and the wire gets hot.


2. When the moon changes it position, so do the orientation of the tide-generating forces and the position of the equilibrium tide.


3. The water vapor will chang from its invisible state to condense into visible moisture when the dew point temprature is reched.


4.When a user requests a set of resources, it must be determined whether the allocation of these resources will leave the system in safe state.


5.As the number of users sharing the segment increases, so does the difficulty of finding an acceptable segment number.


6. The aire pressure begins falling accordingly as a typhoon comes near.


7.While they are waiting in the ready queue, the I/O devices are idle.


8. At the same time the waves are fanning out, they are also separating by wavelength, a process known as dispersion.


9.Current stars flowing at the very moment when we close the circuit.


10. Meteorlogy entered a period of rapid advance about the time the Bjerknes' cyclone model appeared.


11. While in the form of radiation, the energy may travel a tremendous distance before being absorbed or changed back into heat.


12. When moving over land, a typhoon is gradually decreased in severity.


13. It is only when particles are close enough to exert relatively large forces on one another that they are able to set each other into this type of vibration.


14.Only when its melting-point temperature is reached does iron start to pass into a liquid.


15. Only if the component vectors are on a straight line will the length of the vector for the sum be equal to the sum of the lengths of these components or to thier difference.


16. Whenever occasion arises intensive observations are to be done to get the information on the fine structure of the atmospheric event.


17. Whenever a wave moves out from a source in uniform medium, it travels in straight lines.


18. Each time the current changes directions, a period of no current, known as slack water, intervenes.


19.As a rule, the temperature in the troposhere decreases steadily with increasing altitude until the tropopause is reached.


20. The jetstream was not fully recognized as a meteorological entity until 1949.


21. The seeds did not start germinating until late March becasue of a long spell of drought.


22. Not until August 1974 did the expeditionary obervations begin.


23. A piece of metal left in the sun rises in temperature until it loses heat at the same rate at while it absorbs heat.


24. In the simplest case, we start the requested I/O and wait until it iscomplete before returning control to the user program.


25. The weather remained the same until after June.


26. By the time witer begins, coastal waters are thoroughly mixed, with virtually no temperture or salinity differences between surface and bottom waters.


27. If there is a page fault, all the old values are written back into memory before the trap occurs.


28.Such observations must be processed before we can utilize them.


29. But thirty years were to elapse before suitable instruments were available to allow adetailed and systematic investigation.


30. It was a few years before a breakthrough was made in this field.


31. Small objects such as dust particles and water droplets fall only small distances before losing most of their acceleration.


32. Ship may have to wait for days before finding a time when incoming waves and tidal currents are right, permitting them to enter the harbor with safety.


33. After the concept of temperature became understood, there were many years of scientific development before the read nature of hest was established.


34. Even after air masses move far from their original breeding ground source, they may still be recognized by their characteristics.


35. Since the computer came into being science and technology have made great advances.


36. Cold fog dispersal has been an operational success in the U.S. since 1963.


37. Fog dispersal research has since followed the line.


38. It is only since the 1980s that much attention has been given to the phenomenon.


39. As soon as the tropopause is reached, temperature stops decreasing with height.


40. The study of electricity had hardly begun when Franklin, in 1752, conducted his dangerous kite experiment in a thunderstorm, founding the science of atmospheric electricity.


41. The data had no sooner been charted than analysis was started.


42. Sprinkling creates water particles in the air that reduce outgoing radiation, but plant temperature declines immediately on cessation of the operation.


43. Upon reaching this level, temperature no longer increases with altitude.


44. Once the cold water enters the flack, the vapor pressure falls quickly.


45. Once common functions are written in assembly language they could then be copied into a new program without having to be written again.


46. In our experiment, heavy rain was received shortly after the plots were (had been) drilled.


47. It was found that on light clays, no-till planting may begin 1—2dayss sooner after rain than conventional planting.


48. Even in such a system, gross statistical divergence of two nearly identical initial states will occur, sometimes in a week.


49. As far back as 1920s attention was directed towards the problem.


50. First comes a gradual change in water level, the forerunner, a few hours ahead of the storm’s arrival.

51. Prior to the 1960s knowledge of the atmosphere above about 30 km was based largely on inferences from ground-based observations.


52. Even today, specific forecasts are only made for the period of 3 to 5 days in advance.


53. The 500-hPa height field shows a well-developed blocking high over the Gulf of Alaska, which lasts another seven days.


54. Such averages are usually taken over a period of time, such as an hour, a day, a month, or a year.


55. The experiment was conducted in the summer of 1977.


56. In early spring when temperature is too low to favor the growth and development of the plants so that they have to remain in the greenhouse.


57. During periods of light winds or reduced river flow coastal current often become so weak as to be barely discernible.


58. During the 19th century, the theories of tidal and acoustic gravity oscillations were subjects of great interest.


59. How often observations are made, and how widely they are spaced, depend on the scale of the atmospheric events about which information is desired.


60. Periods of precipitation are referred to as the “active” monsoon, and the lulls in between are called monsoon “break”.


61. Such currents may form, disappear, or change flow direction within a matter of hours or days.


62. The weather will be hot and dry from now on till the end of August for this region.


63. Spring tides occur every two weeks, usually within a few days of the new and full moon.


64. These vortices developed within 30 minutes or so of each other.


65. In a time-sharing system, it is very important that each user get a share of the CPU at regular intervals.


66. These stations may report weather intervals of an hour or even less to warn of approaching weather dangers.


67. Plants were measured for height of the tallest leaf at monthly intervals from May to September.


68. The dataset consists of twice daily 500-hPa height analyses from the U.S. National Meteorological Center for the 20 winters 1962/1963 through 1981/1982.


69. The observation was made at 0630 local time, February 15, 1984.


70. The project will be completed by mid-December.


71. There appears small high in the west on day 10.


72. The observation was carried out one month less two days.


73. In the meantime the sky is turning clear.


74. It rains more often than not during this season.


75. These circulation anomalies have long been recognized.


76. This plot will be prepared sometime next month.


77. It takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 and a fraction of a second for the earth to complete one rotation.


78. For the 24—hour period following 1300 February 14, air temperature dropped 4.6℃.


79. The past decade has been a rapid expansion of our empirical knowledge of the observed circulation anomalies.


80. The day of the onset of blocking is defined as day zero, and the time is then measured relative to this day zero, thus, day -2 represents the time of two day prior to the onset; day +2 two days subsequent.


81. The research involves atmospheric conditions at few levels above the ground.


82. Individual jet maxima are frequently found at the tips of deep low-pressure troughs.


83. Another high-vale center is at the eastern fringe of the plateau.


84. Weather is determined by the simultaneous occurrence of several meteorological elements at a geographical locality or over broad areas of the earth.


85. Reportedly, 1986 No.3 typhoon is being generated over the western North Pacific.


86. Standard temperature observations are made in thermometer shelters about 5 feet above the ground.


87. Above the troposphere is the stratosphere, followed by the ionosphere and capped by the exosphere.


88. Meteorologists have divided the atmosphere into various shells or layers, laid one atop the other.


89. The boundary on the cold air side is often ill-defined, especially near the surface.


90. The cispacific SST was a little higher than before.


91. Close to the ground, wind speed increases quickly with height.


92. The maximum wind speed is centered around 35oN, 120oE


93. A few contributions have appeared on this subject at home and abroad.


94. Meteorological science and technology have grown to the extent that behaviors of the atmosphere could be monitored on a global basis.


95. For the first few thousand feet above sea level the rate of pressure decrease is in the neighbourhood of 1 inch of pressure for each 900 to 1000 ft.


96. In this case, steady precipitation may extend over a long distance ahead of the front.


97. It is known that local weather can be affected within a few days by meteorological conditions thousands of miles away (from here).


98. These temporary observation posts were all within 10 km of the city.


99. Buoys are developed 20 miles off the coast.


100. The maximum is about 400 hPa in a 3 km distance from the center toward the south.

101. Strong westerlies, at times, have been observed near the tropopause over Recife, Brasil, approximately 9o from the equator.


102. The trade wind cell is, on the average, confined to 30 degrees poleward of the equator.


103. At this stage sea-level westerlies are strong and zonal in character and they lie poleward of their normal position.


104. The figure shows that the maximum precipitation occurred to the east of Indonesia.


105. For a time, surface and subsurface current are in opposite directions; flow is seaward at the surface and landward near the bottom.


106. For example, the artificial modification of rain at New York City may suggest a seeding activity just a few miles upwind of the metropolis.


107. in the first stage the jet stream lies well to the north and it takes a general west-east direction.


108. The analyzed low-pressure center at the surface was located ~8 km east of the mesocyclone.


109. In all experiments there is at 300 km of sea to the west and 100 km of sea to the east.


110. The moon moves from a position 28.5o north of the equator to as much south of it.


111. Within this area is a double minimum in pressure with one center collocated with the vorticity maximum and the other about 3 km farther north.


112. The monitoring station is just across the river from the power plant.


113. For research purpose, network with stations speed only 1/10 to 1 miles apsrt have been maintained for limited period in small areas.


114. During the experiment, moisture was measured twice a day at 20-cm intervals between 0 and 80 cm of the soil.


115. Following the treatment, cotton seeds were planted by hand in the third week of june 1983, at 75-cm row spacing with three rows of plants per plot.

在进行这种处理后, 在1983年6月第三周把棉花种子用手种上,行距为75cm,每块地种三行。

116. Slopes orientated differently receive direct solar radiation in different amounts.


117. On the diagram, propagation is manifested as a coherent line of cloudiness sloping in one direction or another.


118. From just the entrance, in the southern part of the bay, up to a second slack water area, about midway up the bay, tidal currents are ebbing.


119. The anomalously warm water can exist for a long distance along the equator at least as far west as Canton Island (172oW, 3oS).

异常温暖的海水可沿赤道向西长距离延伸,至少可到坎吨岛(172oW, 3oS)。

120. The easternmost longitude of the 35℃ isotherm is 140oE

35℃的等温线的最东经度是140 oE。

121. The ‘wave’ properties of macroscopic matter are not apparent because the wavelength is undetectably small.


122. The book remains at rest or, in physical terminology, in static equilibrium not because there are no forces acting on it but because the forces which do act on it annul one another.


123. As no machine ever runs without some friction, overcoming the force wastes work.


124. Since the operator had more experience with mounting tape than a programmer, setup time was reduced.


125. As friction is always present, it naturally causes losses in all types of machines, since because of friction; part of useful mechanical energy is lost in the form of useless heat.


126. Since a magnetic field associated with the current in a coil, any change in that current alters the magnetic field around it.


127. In summer people feel sticky in that relative humidity is quite high.


128. The output power can never equal the input power, for there are always losses.


129. Theoretically at least we should be able to copy these mechanisms found in nature, for all biological organisms are in part actually electrical systems.


130 Because of the high cost of these early computers, idle time was undesirable.


131. The energy possessed by an object by virtue of its motion is called kinetic energy, or energy of motion.


132. In the cloudless night ground temperature decreases on account of the heat lost to the space.


133. The high yields overall are attributed mainly to good seedbed structure and a manual precision seeding.


134. In view of the importance of the plateau to the weather and climate over broad areas, a scientific investigation was carried out a few years ago.


135 The decrease in intensity due to absorption is called damping and a wave whose intensity decreases for this reason is called a damped wave.


136. Cooling is readily interpreted as due to the fact that work is done against the attractive forces between molecules.


137. The pressure increase out of control was at the bottom of the explosion.


138. Too small spacing among the plant stands is causative of the crop failure.


139. It is because the ground loses heat to the air.


140. It was not that the deficiency in fertilizer was responsible for the crop failure.


141. The farming was done intensively for no other reason than a bumper crop.


142. By reason that the machine did not run properly, the operator had to stop it for checking.


143. For reason given above the scheme should be redesigned.


144. Seeing that there is often poor visibility, the site chosen as an airport is not appropriate.


145. The crop did not grow well what with species and what with non-uniform top application of fertilizer, according to an agronomist.


146. Frozen at around -35℃, mercury is not used in thermometers where extremely low temperature may be expected.


147. Reportedly the yield per acre has been 30% increased insomuch as modern agricultural technologies are practiced in this hilly region.


148. Vast stretches of oceans appeal to us much the rather because their profundity is difficult of access.


149. Tidal currents cause mixing between layer, so that the waters become only moderately stratified.


150. As a result, much of the energy is lost to air.

151. Conditions of rotation and heat transfer in the earth’s atmosphere are such that irregular waves of the characteristics described above will form.


152. Our normalization is such that the curves in Fig. 3 can be regarded as probability distributions.


153. The dynamic response to the heating imbalance is such as to converge heat into the upper troposphere of the desert regions.


154. Wind increased sharply with the result that evaporation went up remarkably.


155. Release of the heat of fusion is believed to alter the pressure gradient in such a way as to diminish the destructive winds near the storm center.


156. The rotated principal components express the variability in the data in terms of geographically local components in a manner that the results appear to be consistent with our dynamical perception of atmospheric variability.


157. The roughly 365-day year is the result of the earth traveling around the sun in one period.


158. If lines, called isanomals, are drawn on a world, joining places of equal thermal anomaly, an isanomalous map is the result.


159. If put together and heated to 25℃ at constant pressure, these substances will result in a new compound.


160. Heating makes the molecules of a material move faster, increasing the rate of evaporation.


161. To the extent that it is real, the interaction with the lower boundary seems a good candidate to explain the high persistence of the system.


162. Two fronts will exist if we have three air masses, a coal, a warm, and a cold, moving from west to east one after another.


163. If the input file exists, then we must create a new output file.


164. (According to the weather report, the typhoon will pass over the region)If so, the drought will be relieved.


165. If the moon were, for instance, over the site of Miami, there would be a tidal bulge there and also on near the west coast of Australia.


166. If the earth’s axis did not tilt, there would be no seasonal change on it.


167. Were there no such superior laws, physics would be impossible as an exact secence over any sufficiently long period.


168. If this situation should occur, the fram would become unusable.


169. Should the current be cut, the coil would return to its original position.


170. Had Franklin known what we know about lightning in those days, he probably would not have undertaken such a dangerous experiment.


171. If we had not taken necessary precautions, the typhoon would have inflicted heavier damages.


172. If it were not for the modern equipment, such experiments would not be performed.


173. With the equipment the experiment would be readily conducted.


174. Water vapor is lighter, which would otherwise not rise into air.


175. Since this frame of reference-the earth –is rotating, motions that would be straight in a stationary frame of reference appear curved to the observer on earth.

由于参照系—地球—是旋转的,所以在静止参照系中应是呈直线运动,在地球上的观测者 看来就成为曲线运动。

176. This is clearly not the case, if it were true, prediction of the tides could have been done for centuries.


177. Provided we make on further assumption, the Copernican principle leads to a rather similar universe model.


178. Computers can yield accurate results providing that they are fed with reliable information to start with.


179. Orchard without precaution will suffer heavy loss in case cold wave occyrs.


180. For instance, suppose the operator received one Fortran job, one Cobol job and another Fortran job.


181. There is no change in the motion of a body unless a resultant force is acting upon it.


182. In so far as linear motion is concerned, a body is in equilibrium if the vector sum of the forces acting upon it is zero.


183. Thus, Fig. 5 is similar to Fig. 4b insofar as the same recombination and filters have been applied to both.


184. Atmospheric research is often both basic, in sense that it concerns the fundamental understanding of atmospheric processes, and applied, in the sense that it is directly useful.


185. As far as we know, the problem has not been attacked at home and abroad.


186. As long as the counter is positive, contral is returned to the user program.


187. Be it that the temperature is beyond the rang (e.g. 32o to 41oF as the minimum cardinal temperature for wheat) the crop will be checked from growing.


188. On the assumption that speed is kept constant, distance increases with time.


189. The computers available can meet the needs except that data are sent in bulk.


190. With favorable light and moisture conditions a plant grows at greatest rapidity if there is the optimum temperature for it.


191. Without reliable data, prediction has no foundation.


192. Sheets of newly formed sea ice break into pieces under stress of wind and waves.


193. The annual total rainfall of 300 mm seems somewhat low for the region at these latitude.


194. Depending upon our job scheduler we would make both 6K jobs wait or run one of them in the 10K region.


195. Given wind speed, duration, and fetch, it is possible to predict the size of the waves generated by a given storm.


196. Other things being equal, the evapotranspiration rate decreases with increasing humidity.


197. Such being the case, the understanding of nature would be greatly improved.


198. T will represent temperature alone in this book unless otherwise stated.


199. Unless destroy or influenced in some way by ocean boundaries, waves continue to travel for long distances in the direction that the wind was blowing when they formed.


200. Combined with extremely high waves generated by the storm, hurricanes surges can be highly destructive.

201 Though energy can be neither vreated nor destroyed, it can be transformed from one form to another.


202. In the subsequent years there was a trend of higher yields in tilled plots, although the increase was non-significant.


203. The following exercise, while overly simplistic, may nevertheless be helpful in understanding the problem.


204. Whereas there are numerous instance of this type of coincidence, there are also many example of the opposite.


205. Not but what the world’s oceans are abundant in various resources, only a small part of them is in use.


206. As a result, the tsunami of 1957 killed no one in Hawaii, even though water levels were locally higher than 1946.


207. If for no reason than that electricity was off the machine stopped running, it is too old to work any longer.


208. Admitting that the vast expanse of oceans seems terrible, they provide us with abundant resources.


209. The chemical composition of water remains constant whether it is in solid, liquid or gaseous state.


210. All substances on the earth, whether gaseous, liquid or solid, are made up of atoms.


211. Even if our measurements show the same velocity over different sections, it may be asserted that the motion is uniform only with the degree of accuracy that the measurements were made with.


212 No matter what direction we choose in order to obtain information about the large-scale structure of the universe, we obtain the same answer as for any other direction.

213. All bodies, no matter what their temperature, give off radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves.


214. The temperature is between 20--25℃ in the lab no matter when it is measured.


215. However small, a body has weight.


216. The up to data computer can process readily however large a volume of data.


217. Weak as it is, the disturbance in the wind field is discernible.


218. Imagination, indispensable though it is, offers a poor substitute for information.


219. Be ever bulky, the sun does not look larger than the moon from the earth.


220. Be that as it may, in practice these principles are likely to be interpreted so as to lead to the same ideas about the observed universe.


221. In spite of the disaster, typhoons are by no means entirely destructive.


222. Despite an abundance of data, observations of wave height often leave much to be desired.


223. Does a user access all the files in a system in the same manner, regardless of whether they reside at the same or different sites?


224. Furthermore, all point of a conductor or inside a hollow conductor are at the same potential, irrespective of the shape of the conductor.


225. Nevertheless we feel that the results may improve our knowledge of the atmosphere.


226. In any case the rainfall will stop sometime this week.


227. Typhoon and hurricanes do not form exceptionally large waves, because their winds, although very strong, do not blow long enough from one direction.


228. Observations show that some sort of growth and development is occurring, though in rather complex fashion.


229. These experimental studies gave, if nothing else, a greater appreciation of the power and limitations of similarity methods in describing such flows.


230. To raise the temperature of an object, it is necessary either to add heat to it from some source at higher temperature or to do work on it.


231. In order for the tide waves to move fast enough at the equator to keep up with the moon, the ocean would have to be about 22km deep.


232. In order that the crops in open field could survive safely the winter frost prevention operation is of paramount importance.


233. However, the panel also recommended the early establishment of several carefully designed, randomized, seeding experiments, planned in such a way as to permit assessment of the seedability of a variety of storm types.


234. With a view to investigating meteorological conditions a network of observing stations was established over the area.


235. For specifying the value of the quantity Q we have to use Eq. (2).


236. For research purpose intensive observations were made for that period.


237. For this end a mesh with a 5ox5o spacing was used.


238. A much higher temperature is required so that we could change iron from a solid state into liquid.


239. Least Fig. 3 be interpreted as the signature of zonally propagating waves, it is worth recalling what is said in the preceding chapter.


240. Thermometers are placed in shelters far away from obstacles so as to get free-moving air standard values.

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241. The change in pressure can be recorded by means of a pen arm on a rotating drum.


242. Heat may be measured in terms of any unit that can be used to measure energy, such as the joule or the kilowatt-hour.


243. Only in terms of the scheme have these results been obtained.


244. In some countries air temperature is given in degrees of Fahrenheit.


245. Relative humidity is expressed as percentage.


246. Tides can be resolved mathematically into several components and each treated separately.


247. Attempt is made to solve the problem (in) another way.


248. The features are only marginally significant at 95% level on a statistical basis.


249. Water enters air via evaporation.


250. Topographically, we may consider the coastal plain to be a terrestrial analog of the continental shelf.


251. On the technical side, telegraph lines are hard to maintain.


252. In a sense the atmosphere bears resemblance to an ocean.


253. Thereby higher latitude are prevented from becoming increasingly colder and low latitudes from becoming increasingly hotter.


254. Not only must the absolute value of the parameter in question be considered, but also the method of test whereby this value is to be established.

不但必须考虑所讨论的参数的绝对值,而且还要考虑检验方法,通过它以确定此值是否成立。255. In the subsequent experiments precision instruments were employed whereby good results were acquired.


256. So far, there is no evidence that the experiment could be conducted any otherwise than is described here.


257. A single satellite can view a large part of the earth’s surface at least once daily, and hence observations can be made of areas that are otherwise inaccessible.


258. Water vapor accounts for about 4% by volume in moist areas.


259. The hard rain lasted roughly half an hour without break.


260. The data are employed in combination with cloud maps.


261. In a high, the usually gentle winds circulate clockwise around the center of the Northern Hemisphere.


262. Such waves occur most frequently at stormy latitudes, where the storms tend to come in groups traveling in the same direction, with only short periods separating them.


263. The tube is placed open end in a cistern partially filled with mercury.


264. The results of the six cases will be presented in chronological order.


265. Data are collected on a continuous and long-term basis.


266. These facilities can have weather maps analyzed in place of a forecaster.


267. These new facilities will take the place of the old ones.


268. The scheme was designed after the manner of Smith (1976).


269. Materials are classified as magnetic or nonmagnetic on the basis of whether or not a force on the substance owing to the presence of a magnetic field.


270. Next, we shall introduce the parameter B, following Kuo (1974), such that R and M may be expressed by the relations.


271.By international agreement pressure is now expressed in hPa’s.


272. In other words, the frequencies of those waves should be constant in time and space a priori.


273. Materials are partitioned into magnetic and nonmagnetic substance accordingly as they are likely to be affected by a force present in a magnetic field.

274. The vertical velocity changes as a function of time and height above ground for the deep warm cloud.


275. The measurements were collected the way you did.


276. We shall follow the procedure for experiments as the book instructs.


277. But if the disturbance affects a large area, as a great earthquake can, the resulting seismic sea waves nay behave as if they had been generated along a line rather than at a point.


278. If the disturbance, such as an explosion, affects only a small area, the waves will move away from that point, much as the waves move away from our pebble.


279. Just as linear momentum is the product of mass and velocity, so the angular momentum of a body is defined as the product of its moment of inertia and its angular velocity.


280. Just as water will run downhill, so heat, if left to itself, flows down the temperature ‘hill’ (gradients).


281. For efficiency the shape of the roof should be designed in such a way that it provides as large an evaporation area as possible.


282. The moon revolves around the earth in such a manner that it always faces the latter with the same side.


283. If a torque is applied to the disk in such a fashion that the axis of the torque is the same as that of rotation of the disk, the direction of the former will be parallel to AB.


284. In motions of rotation angular momentum appears in much the same way as linear momentum appears in motion of translation.


285. Each marginal sea, or bay, is affected by the tide in much the same way as the Atlantic is affected by the wave from the Antarctic.


286. Radar sets generally employ large antennas to produce narrow beams in much the same way as a search-light reflector.


287. Light behave as if it were made of particles.


288. Over the last few decades it has been a common practice to view the atmosphere from a zonally averaged perspective.


289. Using geometry, we shall be able to find out the resultant force.


290. Since Newton’s time, mathematicians and physicist have investigated the tides by considering the response of the oceans to the tide-generating forces.

291 With the temperature unchanged, the air is made to reach condensation by adding water.


292. Above the critical temperature and under high pressure the vapor may become as dens and as incompressible as the liquid at lower temperature.


293. Winds are just as likely to be gusty at sea as on land, and just as likely to change direction as not.


294. At the summit of high mountains it is not so warm as one height think though it is nearer to the sun.


295. With the advance of science and technology, some scientific problems become less complicated than they were thought.


296. A body of low temperature radiates energy less rapidly than the one at higher temperature.


297. These results are as accurate as could be obtained by the scheme developed by Yanai (1979).


298. All of these scores are higher than could be obtained by predicting temperatures of the previous to persist unchanged.


299. Indoor relative humidity has a low value in cold weather and is than a better measure of the drying effect on skin than is outdoor relative humidity.


300. (Much of this is visible light, so that we are well aware of it.) Less obvious but just as real, is the infrared radiation emitted by the surface, and by the air.


301. The body travels in an ellipse, the fixed point being at on focus. The speed is greatest when body is near the focus, less when it is farther away.


302. The higher the temperature is, the more water could be held in the air.


303. The more mixing that occurs in the estuary, the greater is the landward flow in the subsurface layer.


304. The nearer the air above the water approaches saturation, the less rapid will be the net loss from water.


305. Other things being equal, evaporation is the faster, the greater is the wind.


306. The horizontal width of the condensate falling from the convective cells was much less than the width of the observed mesoscale downdraft (60 km compared to 150 km).


307. Furthermore, the scattering is negligible with respect to absorption, eliminating ‘multiple-scattering’ problem.


308. Peak updraft strength is slightly enhanced with hodograph curvature, 29.0 m/s in B versus 26.1 in C.


309. For adds and subtracts, the average number of cycles required is two, versus about 12 to 15 for the previous type. This is almost a 75% reduction in execution time: 120 ns versus 400 ns.


310. Remarkable yield difference was found between the two experimental plots with row spacing of 30 versus 60 cm, the former giving 30% higher crop.


311. It was found that a slightly colder threshold for seeding effect to occur for silver iodide than for dry ice (-5 to -10℃ for silver iodide versus -3 to -4℃ for dry ice).


312 Accordingly, the end for multiple regression as against linear regression appeared quite reasonable.


313. As regards fidelity the result bears comparison to that of Wood (1982).


314. In comparison, the scheme seems superior to the one reported in this paper.


315. Among these forces is the neglect of vertical forces, which is not too serious because they are quite small compared with the earth’s gravitational attraction.


316. The sun’s position relative to the earth’s equator also changes, from 23.5o north to 23.5o south of the equator (but it requires a full year to make a complete cycle),in contrast to the monthly changes of the moon’s position from 28.5o north to 28.5o south.


317. (It takes about 365 days for the earth to make a complete revolution around the sun.) In contrast, the moon takes 29 days or so to make a complete cycle around the earth.


318. The atmosphere pressure gradient is an inverse measure of the spacing of the isobars on a weather map.


319. When a wave travels uniformly in all directions from a small source, the intensity varies inversely as the square of the distance.


320. At a given location, however, the strength of the tidal current is generally proportional to the relative tidal range for that day.


321. During the passage of a thunderstorm pressure has pronounced change.


322. Under conventional till, crop response to spring soil water content was considerably greater than under zero till.


323. Evidently some of these questions are rather too difficult to answer.


324. The circulation of the free atmosphere is predominantly (largely) zonal and only to a slight extent (to a less degree) meridional.


325. These problems have been dealt with in considerable detail.


326. Surf height depends on the height and steepness of the waves offshore, and to a certain extent on the offshore bottom topography.


327. On the whole, marine organisms are cold-blooded, meaning that their internal temperatures are essentially uniform with the environment.


328. It is important to bear in mind that the extreme temperatures are largely independent of advection, for they develop mostly in rather stagnant air.


329. The eigenperiods, for the most part, are influenced by the mean winds in the lowest three scale heights.


330. His forecast of the event is found entirely successful.


331. In order to utilize heat to the best advantage, it is necessary to know the laws that govern heat transfer.


332. A 10% reduction of wind speed was observed, however, the reduction is well within the natural wind variability of the storm.


333. Large temperature and salinity changes occur in shallow, partially isolated coastal waters, a degree of variability well beyond anything observed in the open ocean.


334. These creatures travel in sea as fast as anything.


335. The idea here is to locate in the weather records conditions that are as analogous to the current conditions as possible.


336. Accordingly, the owners of these machines have wanted to get as much computation done as possible.


337. They needed high utilization to get as much as they could from their investment.


338. A radiosonde is free to rise to as great an elevation as possible.


339. The time series of temperature are expected to be the longest possible so as to examine various modes of oscillation periods.


340. That tsunami was so strong as to destroy a number of ships berthed and buildings ashore.

341. The temperature is so low that the greenhouse is to be heated to maintain the appropriate condition.


342. After some time of uninterrupted fall, the body is moving so rapidly that the drag of the air is as great as the weight of the body, so that there is no acceleration.


343. The plant is found at such altitude as to be within roughly 200 m distance of the snowline.


344. Even for the most simplified models there are such a vast number of calculations to be performed that they could only be used after the advent of high-speed computer.


345. Some of the air particles, particularly the atoms of the lighter gases, travel fast enough to escape from the air ocean.


346. The train is fast enough that we can cover the distance in less than one hour.


347. These regions seem too dry to be suitable for farming.


348. In figure 5, there is a total external fragmentation of 26K, a space that is too small for any request.


349. To a greater extent than was formerly thought to be the case the monsoons appear to be in the nature of various kinds and degrees of modification of the general planetary wind system.


350. When air is cooled to a point at which the air’s capacity to hold more water vapor is zero, saturation is reached.


351. The applications of electricity have grown to the extent where most of us lead ‘electrified’ lives.


352. The aim of the field experiment was to investigate to what extent such a system could prevent soil degradation resulting from very intensive crop rotations.


353. The sample temperature was controlled by a Chromel_Alumel thermocouple with a precision on the order of 0.1℃.


354. At present, even the actual line parameters of the individual absorption line can only be determined to within 10%. Hence, the values are not expected to be more accurate than 10%.


355. For the most part roads in the mountain area have a slope under 2 in 7.


356. The wind directed inward around the center makes angles of 20o to 40o with the isobars.

围绕中心向内吹的风与等压线构成20o --40o的夹角。

357. A mercurial barometer has a glass tube a little more than 30 inches long.


358. On the average the continental shelf is about 70 km wide. One much of the Pacific Coast it is relatively narrows, only a few tens of kilometers across.


359. During the course of a freezing season, sea ice may form at the surface up to thickness of 2 meters at the high latitudes.


360. In typical cases the zone is about 3000 ft (1 km) in depth and 100 miles (100-200 km) in width, with a slop of approximately 1/100.


361. Scores of experiments were done but none was successful.


362. There remains a world of observations to be processed.


363. Temperature decreases with elevation through the troposphere at a rate, normally, of about 0.6℃ for 100 m.


364 Surrounding the continental shorelines, for a distance of the order of 100 or 200 km, the water are relatively shallow, averaging some 200 m in depth.


365. The processes and circulations are instrumental in the formation of mesoscale pressure similar to those shown in Fig.1 (i.e., with diameters on the order of several hundred kilometers).


366. The residual effects of the cloud clusters are generally ignored even though the area they cover is perhaps an order of magnitude larger than the convective region itself.


367. In troposcatter transmission it turns out that M is of the order of magnitude of 100 to 1000.


368. The value of R by (18) may be in error by as much as 20%, as shown in the table.


369. Most deep ocean basins range in depth from about 4 to 6 kilometers, with some narrow trenches near Pacific Ocean Basin margins dropping to as low as 11 km below sea level.


370. But these motions are composed of a myriad of scales or groups of scales with time scales ranging from seasons to minutes.


371. Water vapor in the lower atmosphere can vary in amount from a mere trace in arid regions to about 4% by volume in moist areas.


372. As the waves from the Aleutian earthquake hit the Hawaiian Islands, they were driven ashore in a few places as a rapidly moving wall of water up to 6 meters high.


373. The rural mixing height growth rate was about twice as large as urban values for up to 3 h after sunrise.


374. Gusty winds may blow out of a thunderstorm at speed in excess of 75 miles an hour.


375. It appears that some ocean regions (e.g. the southern Indian Ocean) rarely produce waves much higher than 13 meters.


376. The length of hair changes by about 2.5% between 0 and 100% relative humidity.


377. The magnitude of g varies throughout the ocean from its mean value of approximately 981 cm?sec-2 by less than 0.3%.


378. Evaporation from sea water is about 5% less than from fresh water, other conditions being the same.


379. In summary, under zero till crop response to nitrogen levels in the spring was approximately twice as large compared to conventional till.


380. The temperature there may be 5 times higher in summer as compared to winter.

381. It was found that three times as much rain fell to the ground from seeded single clouds as from unseeded clouds.


382. Such soil can improve conductivity over threefold.


383. If the speed is doubled, keeping the radius constant, the centripetal force becomes four times as great.


384. Over the range of air temperature, the saturation vapor pressure fluctuates from less than 1/10 to over 100 millibars, or by a factor of 1000.


385. The advantage of the present scheme lies in a fivefold reduction in manpower.


386. If the distance between two objects is shortened twice, then the gravitational pull grows by a factor of 4.


387. Had we chosen D=2km as used in the data analysis in this study, the growth rate would have been a factor 2 smaller.


388. Often the distance between the rows is about twice their height.


389. A medium-thick shelterbelt can reduce wind velocity by more than 10 percent to a distance of 20 times the tree height on the leeward side and three times the height to the windward.


390. From the principle of work, the product of the resistance times its distance equals the product of the effort times its distance.


391. A calorie is defined as the quantity of heat required at one atmosphere to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1℃, usually from 14.5 to 15.5℃.


392. The number of upper-air stations had been increased to 138 by the fall of 1980 over the area.


393. It may be quite useful to know that although a new algorithm is not optimal, it is within 12.3% of optimal at worst and 4.7% on average.


394. The standard meter fulfilled its duty perfectly, although its length has been found much later too short by 0.23mm with respect with the meridian.


395. In the sea water sampled the salinity is two parts per thousand.


396. Neon, a rare gas in the air, takes only fractional percentage point of the volume.


397. In a infinite and empty space the geomagnetic field falls off in strength with the third power of distance.


398. The measured time is rounded to the nearest whole minute.


399. Although the earth, nearly 93,000,000 miles distant, intercepts less than 1/2,000,000,000 part of the solar output, this fraction amounts continuously to 23,000,000,000,000 horsepower.


400. In this case latent heating and radiation cooling are comparable.


401. To illustrate this, we take temperature for example.


402. (This operation can be applicable to very small-scale weather modification.) A good example is the prevention of local frost damage to a garden or orchard by heating.


403. The wheel and axle is really a sort of lever. An example of such a machine is the device used in old-fashioned wells to hoist up the water bucket.


404. The excess of water vapor condenses into visible moisture. Steam over a hot cup is an example.


405. As an example, we calculated the monthly mean temperature for January’s over the period of 1930-1970 for the station.


406. As a small-scale illustration of the artificial modification of physical weather processes, take the frost prevention in an orchard.


407. A water wheel, turned by water flowing over a weir, furnishes a good example of potential energy being turned into useful mechanical energy.


408. A city electric-power plant affords an illustration of complicated transformations of energy.


409. When, for instance, we hit a nail with a hammer, we expect the nail to move.


410. Here, synoptic-scale events appear to possess a completely different character to those of, for example, the western Pacific.


411. On an ordinary window, which measures say 3.0 ft by 6.0 ft, the force exerted by air is 19 tons.


412. The rate of evaporation depends on the material and such factors as the temperature, the surface area, amount of ventilation, and the pressure exerted on the surface.


413. More limited models have developed by Leovy (1964), Harwood (1968) and Holton (1980a) among others.

限制较严的模式由一些学者研制了出来,其中特别是Leovy (1964), Harwood (1968)和Holton (1980a)。

414. The pilot, the farmer, the road builder, to name but a few, find it necessary to get information on weather from meteorologists.


415. Special networks such as operate over the western plains of the United State during the tornado season, furnish additional information about occurrence of severe local weather.


416. The research group has made investigation of all the events such as occurred in the winter of 1982 over the Pacific.


417. The resulting standing wave is a swirling motions such as might result if we swirled water in a round-bottomed cup.


418. Some reviewers suggest other interpretations such that when A (t) has become small, the essential sudden warming have already occurred.


419. At higher levels the pressure field has a much simpler structure, exemplified by the solution at 6.5 km.


420. Examples of such studies include those of Smith (1987) for individual surface and Oke (1989) for urban canopy system.


421. One is the change of the basic-state parameters (e.g., the zonal wind field); the other is existence, in the real atmosphere, of instabilities not described in our model, like for instance, baroclinic instability.


422. In some situation, however, as in the description of the motion of a pendulum, direct application of the laws of motion would require complicated calculation.


423. Near small river, as along the Oregon coast, upwelling can occur when winds move the low-salinity surface layer seaward and the cold, upwelled waters underneath are exposed.


424. A change of phase, however, is a more fundamental change of Physical form, as from a liquid to a vapor, or a change from one crystalline form to another.


425. In the book there are various pictures, as of the internal combustion engine.


426. A balloon will burst as when it goes up high into the air.


427. Some measurements are direct, as when we find the length of a table by placing a yard or meter scale beside it.


428. Many of them have more than one solid states, as in the case of phosphorus, which is known in three solid phase: black, more familiar red and yellow forms.


429. Light, like any material body, requires some, though very little, time to cover this distance.


430. Like wind waves, tsunamis eventually encounter the coast, often with catastrophic results due to their great speed and height.

431. This dynamic approach, like the equilibrium theory, also requires some assumption in order to deal with the complicated interactions.


432. For any of these stars, like for the sun and moon, astronomers are able to find out its exact position in the universe.


433. The monitor, as defined so far, is similar in many respects to the critical region.


434. As shown in the table, a scattered sky is the same as partly cloudy and broken sky is identical with a cloudy one.


435. The basic reason is the same for a sea breeze as for a monsoon--difference in heating between the land and sea.


436. When the temperature of a body remains constant, it is receiving heat at the same rate as that at which it is radiating.


437. As in the case of temperature, an instrument for continuously recording pressure is also available.


438. As in the case of the motion of a body, running water has energy.


439. As is true of all glass, foam-glass resists heat, does not burn, nor is it rotted by water.


440. As is often the case with orchards, cool-season crops sometimes need frost prevention by smudging.


441. As with paging, this mapping requires two memory references per logical address, effectively slowing the computer system by a factor of two, unless something is done.


442. As with any complicated computational procedure, it is essential to have some means to test the accuracy of the results.


443. Oil can be transferred by pipe, as with water.


444. Fuel burning for the internal combustion engine takes place inside the machine itself, as with steam engines.


445. Unlike dry ice pellets, the particles of silver iodide do not evaporate when released.


446. Unlike a low-pressure center, which may be composed of two or more air masses, an anticyclone usually consists of a single air mass.


447. Unlike hydrogen, carbon dioxide is non-combustible.


448. Different from physics, chemistry is concerned with the composition, properties and structure of substances and with the changes they undergo.


449. Wind measurement differs from that of temperature in that the magnitude and direction must be observed.


450. Mercury is adverse to other metals in state at ordinary temperature.


451. Silver has its own physical and chemical properties as distinct from gold.


452. Stationary waves are distinct from the progressive ones wherein the waves move across the body of water—as if we had dropped a pebble in the dish of water.


453. The findings documented in Smith (1985) are found to be at variance with Black (1979).

人们发现在Smith (1985)文献中提出的结果与Black (1979)的不同。

454. Contrary to data available in the literature, minimum tillage in our investigation did not give exceptionally good results.


455. Such suggestions are in sharp contrast to the traditional view of radiation in the tropics.


456. In contrast to the simple observations of the tides, tidal current studies are difficult and expensive.


457. In contrast, winds blowing across the ocean toward the coast of a continent, as in the northwestern United State during winter months, have less effect on the coastal ocean.


458. In contrast, iron has a much higher melting point.


459. In the Southern Hemisphere an anticyclone circulates counterclockwise around the high-pressure center, as contrasted to the Northern Hemisphere.


460. The Watt, a unit of power, is named after an English engineer, James Watt. Likewise, the Joule, a unit of energy and work, comes from a physical called James Joule.

瓦是功率单位,是根据英国工程师James Watt命名的。同样地,作为能量和功的单位的焦耳是根据物理学家James Joule而命名的。

461. By way of exception K is used instead of R.


462. The area the western end of the sound is an exception.


463. Except for the very longest waves most waves move through the deep ocean without experiencing any effects of the bottom.


464. In two years significant yield differences of summer crops were observed, except (for) maize which showed heavy damage caused by armyworm in the second year.


465. This scheme works fine, except in the case where the user does not use the card reader driver.


466. The Brightness of the radar image is related to the amount of reflecting water or ice in the clouds except near the radar site.


467. There is little difference between the two mean temperature fields, except that the slope of the isotherms appears to be somewhere greater in the right panel.


468. The air is a mixture of gases, and with the exception of water vapor, the relative proportions of the gases are quite constant to a height of more than 40 miles.


469. Vapor in the air can absorb radiation over a certain range of wavelength with the exclusion that it contributes to from clouds and fog.


470. Experimental treatments were assigned to the plots at random, with the three exceptions mentioned below.


471. These facilities would give another two years of service except in so far as they are overworked.


472. In most instances weather prediction is the ultimate goal of atmospheric research, the exceptions being the rather rare attempts at controlling the weather.


473. In addition to energy of position or state, objects may possess energy due to their motions.


474. Apart from what is outlined above, the following is worth our attention.


475. Aside from the SI system, other systems such as CGS and MKS are in use in the study of physics.


476. The only small-scale weather modification other than local frost prevention is that of clearing an airport or airstrip of fog.


477. In other directions than the surface nothing limits the air’s expansion but its own weight.


478. The planetary scale motions posses other time scales besides annual or seasonal.


479. There are no other data than is available.


480. We need know the number of computations which are to be joined, so that we can terminate all but the last one.

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